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Supply Lists 2017-18

Kindergarten Supply List

6 boxes of 24 ct. crayons (Crayola brand only please)

1 pair of blunt Fiskars scissors

1 package of SKINNY pencils (no plastic coating)

10  glue sticks

1 - 4 oz. bottle of Elmer's white glue

1 package of WASHABLE broad-tip markers (Crayola)

1 package of low-odor dry erase markers (black)

1 backpack (big enough to hold folder, clothes, towel, art work, books)

1 "thin" nap mat

Change of clothes (to leave in backpack or locker in Ziploc bag with child's name on the bag)

Optional but VERY helpful:  Kleenex, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, Ziploc bags (all sizes), disinfectant wipes, Lysol spray, and coffee filters

1st Grade Supply List

Backpack (NO rollers)

(2) boxes of crayons (24 count each)

(1) pair of scissors (Fiskars)

(4) glue sticks

(4) pkg. of Ticonderoga black or yellow, wooden, skinny pencils

(1) supply box (6x9)

(4) pkg. cap erasers

(2) highlighters

(1) spiral notebook (wide-ruled)

Please send $2.00 to school and we will purchase handwriting tablets.

**NO markers or colored pencils

**NO liquid glue

Optional Supplies:  Baby wipes,  Sanitizing wipes,  Tissue


2nd Grade Supply List

2 boxes of 24 crayons

1 package of dry erase markers (Black only)

2 highlighters

2 packages of skinny pencils (yellow #2 only)

2 packages of pencil cap erasers

1 pair of blunt scissors (Fiskar's)

2 glue sticks

1 glue bottle

1 small school supply box (6x9)

3 composition notebooks (no spiral notebooks)

1 package of loose leaf paper (wide-ruled)

1 school backpack or book bag (without rollers)

No personal pencil sharpeners

No Trapper Keepers

No drawing markers or colored pencils

Optional Supplies - (but very much needed and appreciated for the classroom): sanitizing wipes, baby wipes, tissues (large boxes), large and small Ziploc bags, dry erase markers, sticky notes, and Germ-X.

3rd Grade Supply List

1   -  6" x 9" Supply Box

30 -  # 2 Pencils (No Mechanical Pencils)

2   -  24-Count Packs Crayola Crayons

1   -  Pack Colored Pencils

1   -  Pencil Zippered Pouch

4   -  Skinny Highlighters (Different colors)

1   -  Pack Loose Leaf Notebook Paper - Wide-Ruled

2   -  Composition Books

2   -  Packs Cap Erasers

1   -  Large Backpack (No wheels)

4   -  Skinny Dry-Erase Markers

4   -  Gluesticks

1   -  Pair Fiskars Scissors

1   -  12" Ruler

7   -  Plastic 3-Pronged  Folders with Pockets (Solid Colors)

Wish List (not required but definitely useful): Baby Wipes, Kleenex Tissues, Chlorox Wipes, Ziploc Baggies