Jacks Creek Library

Welcome to the Jacks Creek Elementary School Library! My name is Melinda Carroll, and I am your school's librarian. I taught elementary school in various grades for many years before becoming the librarian. I am also the librarian at East Chester. I am honored to serve in this role. I am at Jacks Creek on Tuesdays for classes and Fridays for checking out new books and taking Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Our mission is to make lifelong readers of your children. I am here to help our students in locating appropriate reading materials for leisure reading and for classroom assignments. We use Accelerated Reader standards for color-coding the library according to reading skill levels. Our students take the STAR assessments several times a year in the computer lab, and we use this information to assist students in reading on their appropriate levels. AR quizzes are very helpful tools in watching your child's reading progress. Each class comes to the library weekly for 30-minute periods.

Our OPAC (online public access catalog) is maintained by Follett Destiny software. You and your child can use this to look up books available in our library. This website is:

Parents can view AR tests taken by their children by logging on to:

The child's user name and password for AR are required for viewing their test scores.

The library provides each child from grades 1 through 3 with a reading folder. This folder is used for checking books out and taking AR tests. AR user names and passwords are found in the front cover of the folder. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

Happy reading!

Melinda Carroll, Librarian