Physical Education


Welcome to Jack's Creek Physical Education! My name is Debbie Hames and I am the physical education teacher her at Jack's Creek. Our goal for physical education is to provide a safe, fun active learning environment for all of our students. Throughout the year students will focus on a variety of physical skills, such as, locomotor skills, manipulative skills, throwing, catching, kicking, etc., as well as games, fitness activities, and dance. Students are also given the opportunity to learn and develop social skills, knowledge of rules and procedures for games and how to work together as a team. The focus of all of our learning is individual accomplishment not competition.

We are fortunate to have physical education for 30 minutes every day. Students are not required to "dress out" to participate but for safety reasons it is a rule that all students have a pair of sneakers for physical education.

We are happy to have your child at Jack's Creek! If you need to contact me about anything concerning physical education, you may e-mail me or call the school - 731.989.8155. I will be happy to be of assistance.