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2023- 2024 Jacks Creek Counseling Page

My name is Brandi Welch and I am the School Counselor at Jacks Creek Elementary and West Chester Elementary.  I am at Jacks Creek on Monday and Wednesday of each week and at West Chester on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   During my time with students, I teach classroom lessons to all students based on the Tennessee School Counseling Standards for Academic, Social Emotional and College and Career Readiness.  I am also available to provide individual counseling to students, provide assistance to teachers and students in the classrooms, work with small groups on areas of concern, and to work with and assist parents with concerns that they may have for our students.   

Below are a few of the topics and areas that your students will be working on in my classes and counseling sessions.

- Rules and why they are important
- How to be a good friend
- Bully Prevention and Education
- The difference between Telling and Tattling
- Hygiene, Personal Health and Safety
- Stranger Awareness/Abuse Prevention
- Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse Prevention
- Dealing with Peer Pressure
- Fire Prevention and Safety
- Self Advocacy skills
- Social skills and Personal Space 
- Communicating with others and the Social Filter
- Conflict Resolution, Self Control and Anger Management
- Honesty, Integrity and other character education
- Study skills, focus, and listening skills
- Making Priorities and Goal Setting
- Career education, Work ethic and Accountability
- Responsibility, Respectfulness and Trustworthiness

- Other issues per request

If I can ever be of any assistance to you or your student, please feel free to contact me through the school office or by email. 

Brandi Welch
School Counselor


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